Sunday, October 4, 2009

hangin in there...

Today started off pretty good.  I was happy even though I was really really full.  We passed some time working on inspirational quote signs for the walls and just hanging out and chatting about non-food related life stuff. haha.  I also played a quality game of scattegories with my girls jenny and anna. That was fun; i havent played that game in a long time.

Lunch was difficult and afterwards I had to take some meds which made me feel kind of crappy. It was difficult because there were only like 3 of us who were compliant and it just kind of made us feel like bad about the fact that we ate and everyone didn't.  It kind of makes me feel like I'm failing my ED but I know that those are thoughts that I have because of ED and I tried to push them out as best I could.   I got really dizzy from the PRN and I was kind of out of it (its a new medicine).  I was really really excited because my mom, favorite aunt in the whole wide world, and my lil sister were coming to visit!!! I had a good visit with them even though I was really out of it.  Whenever I talk to my aunt she always keeps me motivated.  She's such an important person in my life.  

I was pretty stressed out still after they left so I decided that I was going to do some journaling and write a letter to my therapist cuz she's the best and I miss her.  Later on we wanted to distract ourselves because we were all kinda sad so we tried to play taboo but that just made it worse because it was really hard so we just hung around and chat.  I'm really starting to get close to some of the girls here and its really great to have that support of someone who's going through it at the same time.

Dinner was a little stressful because it's Boloco night which is a restaurant that we have to order from.  My salad had dressing on it. I got over it though and anna, jenny and I distracted ourselves after dinner by working on a puzzle.  My plan is that snack is going to go smoothly and I hope to be able to get to bed at a reasonable hour tonight because I'm pretty tired.  Shout out to my girl Julia: you're gonna get through this even though it really sucks! you're a beautiful person and anyone deserving of you should feel lucky to have you :)

stay strong lovely ladies-lifes tough sometimes but the adversity only makes us stronger.


  1. Hi. :) I saw one of your posts on Carly's blog and I decided to become a follower. I'll post a real comment next time after I catch up.

  2. y r ya interested of doin' phd in clinical psy?